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Bosto Kingtee 14wa review


After a week of intense use / testing, I can finally review this product.This Kingtee is the November 2013 model, which means it has an updated chipset and a battery free pen, similar to the larger 22HD model. I’m using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.


For the past five years, I’ve used…

Great review! Since money is an issue and the Cintiq may not be the most realistic option. Thanks for sharing this!

No one earns a billion dollars. People earn $10 an hour, people steal a billion dollars.
#Gandalf the Grey for #SketchDailies 

#LOTR #TheHobbit #LordOfTheRings #MangaStudio #DigitalPaint View high resolution

#Gandalf the Grey for #SketchDailies

#LOTR #TheHobbit #LordOfTheRings #MangaStudio #DigitalPaint

Trail Mix Up. 1993 
#RogerRabbit #JessicaRabbit

If you hate the work you make and you feel like you haven't changed at all in ten or so years, how can you start to pick apart your images to find those things you hate to change them? I know that experimentation is the thing that will get me past this, and I've been experimenting like crazy in my sketchbooks, but I don't understand how to apply anything I've been playing with to the finals and I'm not sure how to critically analyze the work?


Wow…you people ask tough questions….Where are all the easy one’s like, “What’s a pencil do?”  And “how long do you cook a 3 minute egg?”

OK.  First, maybe identify what part of the pieces you “hate”.  It’s a strong word and maybe what you should do is reverse that thought.  So Here:

Start 4 new folders.  Label them Colors, shapes, draftsmanship, composition.

Start saving art that inspires you into these separate folders.  AND BE SPECIFIC! Be very conscious of the images you choose and where they go. (And don’t do the whole grab an entire folder uploaded from school BS stuff either)  (Or grab all of the art from one artist that your teacher said was good into a folder)  BE VERY SPECIFIC

While you are doing that, start to unfold the reasons “WHY”. WHY does the composition of this one speak to you? WHY do the colors say so much to you.  Is it because they reflect light so well? Is the WHY, because the colors that artist chose are so unbelievably fake and otherworldly and that’s appealing?  WHY are those shapes so fun?  Because they are unique?  The say something about the subject matter?  The flow?  Did you choose that piece of art under draftsmanship because it’s so detailed?  Or the opposite?

If you can start to understand and pinpoint aspects of the reasons why something speaks to you, maybe you can begin to add it to your own art.  It’s hard for sure, and easier to go on default mode.  But look at the positives and bring those into your world.  It seems like you’re stuck picking your world apart, maybe piecing it back together might be in order….

As for the 2nd half of your really tough question….

Ask yourself, “what is final?”

There are so many final pieces of art and artists that range from pencils to finished oil paintings.  If the inner artist is satisfied, it’s final.  If the client who is paying you isn’t satisfied…it’s not final…..

Maybe ask yourself how do you want an audience to react to this piece?  Is is a sense of rhythm?  Action?  Colors?  depth?  Get lost in the environment?

So it’s “final”  when you think you’ve achieved that.  It’s tough to critically analyze oneself for sure.  I try to think of it as a fan/peer/client when I look at my work when the artist inside says, aw, I think that’s good.  I take a step back, move on to something else with my artist mentality.  Then later when I’m more engrossed in a  new thing I look at the old thing and it’s easier to see what I would change or fix.  When I think of what my original intent was, I downplay things that crept in or don’t stand out.  So as an audience member, it feels more like what I meant in the first place.

I’m sure you analyze and critique art from others in some fashion.  Take a less personal stance and do the same.  But less hate, that’s not constructive.  That’s just mean, even to yourself and probably creates a negative wall that’s even harder to climb over or break thru.  If you look through your sketchbooks and aren’t great at something, tackle that.  Go from there.  Have a plan.  Experimenting doesn’t always work out if you have no plan.  Some happy accidents like the polio vaccine, pasteurization, and beer were all happy accidents but most experiments are thought out.  So plan it.  This week, small thumbnails.  Next week, spaceships.  etc etc.  I call it Intelligent mileage

Then look at your folders, add elements you like to your own thoughts and sketches

Then figure out what “final” means to you and try your best to achieve it.

I hope this helps.



This is such great, constructive advice! So many people I know stop at the point when they get down about their work. This is a great jumping off point. Get in there and figure out what you like and are shooting for.

Exploring some cat designs. Stressin’ makin a portfolio before I have to get back to the “Day Job” .
Anyone else in that boat?

#CharacterDesign #VisDev #Portfolio #GameDesign #Sprites #DigitalPaint #MangaStudio #Cats View high resolution

Exploring some cat designs. Stressin’ makin a portfolio before I have to get back to the “Day Job” .
Anyone else in that boat?

#CharacterDesign #VisDev #Portfolio #GameDesign #Sprites #DigitalPaint #MangaStudio #Cats


Quentin Quire by Russell Dauterman

Hell yeah View high resolution


Quentin Quire by Russell Dauterman

Hell yeah

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Storm is wearing her favorite lightning earrings.
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Storm is wearing her favorite lightning earrings.


The ALSA’s #icebucketchallenge finally made it’s way around to the Holden house. A dear friend of mine lost her father to the disease only a few years ago. That wonderful man happened to be my wife’s OB at the time of our first pregnancy, and his passing was a sad day for so many. If there’s anything we can do to stamp out the disease, I say don’t wait till someone challenges you to dump a bucket on your head—just give what you can now.

EDIT: You might not be hearing the adorable voice of that little narrator if it hadn’t been for our good friend and doctor. Please do consider giving.

#Missyou #ICare4U
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#Missyou #ICare4U


WildStar Features Trailer



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The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. #MayaAngelou #Creativity
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“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
#MayaAngelou #Creativity



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